Curriculum Details

Each History Detectives lesson includes a video lesson, a hands-on activity, and a menu of optional extensions to help your student make connections between the lesson content and the amazing world they live in.

  • Unit 1: Me and My World

    5 Lessons

    In the first unit, novice History Detectives will collect some important clues about the world and practice describing their own location using their home address. This unit also introduces basic map skills.

  • Unit 2: The Big World I Live In

    5 Lessons

    Students collect more clues about the many ways that they are connected to the wider world and are encouraged to think about amazing possibilities in not-so-far-away places across the globe.

  • Units 3 & 4: Then and Now

    10 Lessons

    This exciting unit explores five features of everyday life that will be very familiar to young children--so familiar that they have probably never thought much about them! Mr. Powell tells stories about how how, over time, humans came to develop these amazing ideas, technologies, and ways of living that make the world we live in so unique.

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  • Unit 5: Clues Everywhere!

    5 Lessons

    Students will see how some common objects and places actually hold clues about things that happened in the past.

  • Unit 6: The Invention of History

    5 Lessons

    Why did people invent history? Students will put their History Detective thinking skills to use as they learn why it's so useful to understand things that happened long ago.

  • Unit 7: Things to Look Forward To!

    5 Lessons

    The final unit features stories about some amazing people and places that show the power and fun of thinking historically.

History Detectives

Let's be history detectives! In this introductory level of Knowable World, children learn to look with curiosity at the world around them and begin to think historically about their everyday lives.